How To Measure Human Frequency

On raising your frequency

I get a lot of applications to help people raise their vibration. And there are quite of few who offer this ... many online videos on youtube.

Regardless of what technique of raising your vibration to pick, you would better decide a few things in advance.

Among the most important and most sobering steps is discovering what is your vibration when you begin.

There are well-meaning individuals out there who will measure your vibration, whichever way they do it.

According to their measures you could be in the Unconditional Love zone ...

But my experience with people is that their vibration is much more in the neighborhood of anguish, repressed anger, and haughtiness, than in the Unconditional Love zone ...

It is, in my opinion, not practical to know merely your vibration score, people also refer to it as vibrational frequency.

Why is that? Because your one indicator won't say enough.

It is a great deal like if I wished to steer you to a healthier lifestyle, but all I would have is your shoe size.

If I truly wished to assist you, I 'd obtain a whole lot more information, how tall you are, etc. And after that I 'd know, or might be closer to know whether I can help you, and what way.

I am a True Empath.

What is a True Empath? A True Empath is unique. A True Empath is able to connect to anything or every single thing, accurately, and surely, if there sufficient information.

This means that I am able to connect to you supposing that I have, for example your photo.

How will I know I am connected? After a few seconds I feel myself in your skin, and feel your emotions.

The number two reason it's important to be able to hook up to something accurately is the following: unless I am connected to a neutral 3rd party who is almighty, I am just going to shoot randomly.

So this is what happens: I connect to you. And then I connect to Source aka All-Knowledge. Now we are a triangle.

Here I ask questions. And All-Knowledge suggested a code with me, very similar to what applied kinesiology utilizes ... except I am not using my own body to tell the truth, I am using my own body to receive the truth from All-Knowledge.

I have a series of question, that I ask All-Knowledge about you, while I am feeling your emotions.

Source's responses are yes, no, yes/no, or wrong question.

I call these 14 measurements your Starting Point Measurements.

They are a snap shot of you, vibrationally meaning.

The majority of the questions are about your perspective, your aim, your mindset, your abilities that are either activated or not.

And with that much information, it is much easier to answer the question: what can I do now if I wish to raise my vibration?

From your numbers I see what is important to you ... not what you say is important to you. You may deceive yourself, but you are not able to trick All-Knowledge.

As soon as you have your scores, I'll send them to you with my suggestion.

OK, right here is the payment button if you want to know your Starting Point Measurements. Even if you don't do anything with them, it is an useful information ...

A great number of those who request, actually begin doing what could make them raise their vibration ... And I am very glad about that.

8 thoughts on “How To Measure Human Frequency”

  1. I am looking for how to raise my awareness to measure my own vibration.
    I am looking for the tec which is inside myself.
    I have many blocks to “flow” yet my “knowing ness” is quite strong.
    At this fractal of my moment, all Journey is inside.
    Can a body be at 63 hz? this entered my awareness (Yeshua, Metatron )
    just like all things in this dimension, it feels like my body is a reflection of everything I have collected in all my existences.
    My heart is the only chakra center without (physical?) pain. Think this is because I consiously, meditate from and to my heart to all awareness sparks in the multi-verse?
    I wish to expand
    I am doing this from my heart.
    You now know that you and I have similar awareness’s -including what big people do to little people (at times)
    I am Not looking for a free ride, yet I stand in money lack, because it all feels like control and manipulation, from it’s very inception to this fractal which seems worse than ever.
    So, I have one foot in oneness and one in separation, so that I am able to remain where I can expand the most, while being empowered to make any seance at all. I love nature and feel huge abundance here. This is where the questions I didn’t even KNow I asked, are answered; THIS, is where I experience my Joy, Bliss Empowerment and Love, these (heart) -are the only concepts (places?) which feel real.
    I seem to have a problem getting People (seemingly) out myself, to ask me questions…it seems like ALL my questions are answered, yet how do I really know without a “outside” perspective?
    On a path…bit by bit, precept by precept, I experience Joy in the opening of it all.
    Joy Peace Love
    Jeffery Scout

  2. After years of poor lifestyle choices my health has deteriorated in spurts. I have advanced emphysema and last year my spleen ruptured for some unknown reason. The medications I take are killing me slowly inside (that is my belief due to the good day- bad day roller coaster). I have since cleaned up my act and believe I can help my body to heal itself and rid my system of these toxic pharmaceuticals by tuning to the inner resonant frequencies. I however do not know how to find these frequencies specific to my body to start the healing, and if different frequencies are advisable for specific issues. Please review and advise. Thank you for any guidance.

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