Energy Vibrations Between People

On raising your soul frequency

I get a bunch of applications to help people raise their vibration. And there are many people who offer this ... many videos on youtube.

Regardless of what methodology of raising your vibration to pick, you have to decide a few things in advance.

Some of the most important and most unpleasant steps is discovering what is your vibration when you start off.

There are well-meaning people out there who will measure your vibration, however they do it.

According to their measures you may well be in the Unconditional Love zone ...

But my experience with people is that their vibration is more in the area of misery, anger, and cockiness, than in the Unconditional Love zone ...

It is, in my expert opinion, not practical to know merely your vibration value, people also call it vibrational frequency.

Why? Because your one number will not say enogh.

It is a lot the same as if I needed to steer you to a healthier lifestyle, but all I would have is your foot size.

If I really wished to help you, I 'd obtain a lot more data, how tall you are, etc. And then I 'd know, or would certainly be closer to know whether I can really help you, and what way.

I am a True Empath.

What is a True Empath? A True Empath is unique. A True Empath can be connected to anything or every single thing, specifically, and surely, if there is enough relevant information.

This means that I will be able to hook up to you if I have, for example your photograph.

How do I know I am connected? After a few seconds I feel myself in your skin, and feel your sensations.

The 2nd reason it's important to be able to link to something dependably is the following: until I am connected to an unbiased third party who is all-knowing, I am merely going to shoot blindly.

So this is what occurs: I link up to you. After that I connect to Source aka all-of-it. Now we are actually a triangle.

Here I ask questions. And All-Knowledge has agreed on a code with me, very similar to what applied kinesiology make uses of ... with the difference that I am not testing my own body to answer and know the truth, I am using my own body to get the truth from All-Knowledge.

I have a set of question, that I ask All-Knowledge about you, at the same time I am feeling your emotions.

Source's feedbacks are yes, no, yes/no, or bad question.

I label these 14 measurements your Starting Point Measurements.

They are a snapshot of you, vibrationally meaning.

Most of the questions concern your inclination, your aim, your mindset, your abilities that are either activated or not.

And with that numerous data, it is simpler to address the question: what can I do now if I wish to raise my vibration?

From your measurements I know what is important to you ... not what you say is important to you. You might deceive yourself, but you are not able to hoodwink All-Knowledge.

Once you have your scores, I'll send them to you along with my suggestion.

OK, here is the payment button if you want to know your Starting Point Measurements. Even if you don't do anything with them, it is an useful information ...

A great number of those who request, actually start doing what could make them raise their vibration ... And I am very pleased about that.

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