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Raise Your Vibration with Sophie

What is the truth about you?

Let me measure your vibration

I mean really... what is the truth about you?

There is a number that can predict your dominant attitude, what you will do when the going gets tough, how you take risk, how you take failure, and how you take success.

Want to know that number?

Your vibration number will predict

  • your dominant attitude
  • what you do when the going gets tough
  • your attitude to changing yourself
  • your relationship to risk
  • your relationship to failure
  • your relationship to success
  • your relationship to guidance and learning

It could be said, that the vibrational number shows how astute you are: how much of what is there you see, (your cone of vision, your accuracy, your ability to discern) matches reality


It also could be said that from the height you view the world from is your vibration number.

If you have lived on the first floor all your life, moving to the second floor will amaze you. Suddenly you'll see loads more than you saw when you lived on the first floor.

If you took a helicopter ride in your neighborhood, you would not trip on the beer can littering the sidewalk.

You have been tripping on every beer can, every pebble, every doubt, every feeling, every promise, every lie, every scam... or most of them, am I correct?

My own experiments show that the solution to every issue is always right there and visible. It is even easy. It is just not visible on a low vibration. Raise your vibration and you'll see what you didn't see before.

Raising your vibration is like that, moving up to higher floors in a building, from where you can see and where the solutions that were never there, suddenly, as if by miracle, are there.

When you see the solution, the choice is up to you... You can act on it or continue to ignore it.

If you've ever wished that

  • life became easier, maybe even fun,
  • work became easier, maybe even fun,
  • customers bought more,
  • your boss or your spouse understood you, and
  • you were alive and living instead of just having a life: raising your vibration is your solution

Working more, better or different from the same view of life will make little difference.

You need to move yourself into a paradigm where the circumstances change because your vantage point changes.

Paradigm shift can be compared to moving yourself to a lookout point from where the same things you are used to, you know how it all works, suddenly look different.

Your vibration number clearly expresses your current paradigm, what you can see, and what you can't. And what you can and can't see gives you your life: all of it.

Your vibration number expresses where you can locate yourself on the map of consciousness, how far you are from living the life you were meant to live.

The biggest difference between a low vibration person and a high vibration person.

  • Not how much education they have.
  • Not how well-spoken they are.
  • Not who they know, not what they have... but what they see and how willing they are to act on what they see.

When you know what is your vibration, then, if you want to raise it, you'll know where you start so you don't pick the wrong methods that won't work at your vibration level.

Here is an example of some internet marketers' vibration... including some people I have been watching now for some time.

The vibration also indicates, somewhat, how much energy you have for life, how strong the Life Force is in you, your susceptibility for illnesses, etc.

The vibrational level of 200 is the dividing line between being mostly wretched, burdened with self-doubt, uncaring, willing to hurt another for one's own joy, and above 200 where one first takes notice of another human being not as a threat or someone to use.

There is a level, 300, where life comes easier, creativity gets a boost, and making money stops being a struggle.

Around 400 money comes as a side effect: your life stops about being about money, but money is coming.

Around 500 you are considered a genius, and most of what you say comes from inspiration and intuition, from the Great Beyond.

Here are the vibrational numbers of some known people in 2012:

  • Einstein 495
  • Deepak Chopra 495
    or some marketers of our time:
  • Robert Plank and Lance TamashiroRobert Plank: 250 (used to be 299) and Lance Tamashiro: 250
  • Frank KernFrank Kern: 300 (used to be 400)
  • Ryan DeissRyan Deiss: 300
  • Jim EdwardsJim Edwards: 320
  • Armand MorinArmand Morin: 310
    • Mike Filsaime: 200 (dropped from 250)
    • Kevin Nations: 250
    • Alex Mandossian: 250
    • Yanik Silver: 290

    What is yours? Can you guess?

    A more precise way is to muscle test it while I am connected to the Source of All-of-It... Who am I to say that?

    Sophie Benshitta MavenMy name is Sophie Benshitta Maven, and I teach people how to raise their vibration, how to connect to Source (God?) and how to live a better life. You can google me... I have been around for a while, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational coach, internet marketer, and now a connector... and a teacher. I am 70 years old... and have always been an innovator and a troublemaker.

    Let me measure your vibration, so you know where you stand. Once you know, you can start climbing up the scale, instead of doing poorly, doing the same thing, doing what you have always done, expecting a different result

    It's confidential, I won't post your numbers anywhere.

    What if your vibration is low? What if your desires are way beyond what your vibration can do for you?

    Then you can use the tools on this site to raise your vibration. Thousands have been doing it already.

    But it all begins with awareness, it all begins with finding out where you are.

    Let me measure your vibration for you.

    A donation of $5 will get you an email from me with your vibrational frequency. You can send more if you feel compelled. (most people do!) It will make you feel good, and start you on the road of raising your number. No kidding. Thank you.



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